About Me

“Beauty is everywhere; it’s just that you must open your eyes to see it.” – Andrew D Hendrickson

Hello world, I’m Andrew and I’m an amateur photographer, but I had a dream that one day I will become a professional photographer. But that is it about me, I read online that the ‘About Me’ page is really ‘About You.’ Yup, this is really needed to be about you guys, not me, but the thing is I don’t know you guys. I hope that I do know why you are here…I hope that you are here to view the photos I took and to read my posts.

So why are you here?

Because you like photography, or at least like to view it, and I love photography so we both have something in common. But I do hope that you came here to view the photos, that is how I started this site, to show you guys the beauty in nature and in other things too.

What will you find here?

Well, I mainly shoot nature, landscapes and older buildings and things, I will shoot anything I like and try my best to get a great photo of it so I can share it with you all.

Why am I calling it ‘Photo Kappi Photography’ for?

Well, ‘Kappi’ is Icelandic for ‘a warrior’ or ‘a hero’ or ‘a champion.’ So, you are wondering why I pick photo warrior than. I did it because hero/warrior/champion all have something in common. That thing is honorable, loyally and respectfully. And for me, those things are all impotent to everybody. See I love history and the truth is I love the Norseman culture (part of it, I didn’t care much for the víkingar parts but it is history). Víkingar is Old Norse for Vikings, which is a raiding party. Anyway, the Norseman believes in being honorable, loyally and respectfully to their kinsman and sometime to others too.

So, why do I call it ‘Photo Kappi,’ well I’m loyal to an idea that as a respectfully and honorable photographer, it me job it show the world its beauty.


Now, it’s time for a little bit about me.

I’m Andrew Hendrickson; I live in the great state of Colorado. The truth is I’m poor and I’m from a poor family, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to live my dream. Yeah, it does make it harder but I’m not going to give up. Anyway, since I was a young kid, I was into photography. Being from a poor family and having four other siblings in my family, we couldn’t afford a camera, SLR or DSLR. But, I will go and get a cheap disposable camera and get photos that way.


Ok outside of photography,

  • I love to study. I will find something new I read about and to look up
  • Horror movies, I grow up watching them, sometimes I wondering if that was bad thing or good thing
  • I have an open mind, I look at things differently than most do
  • I do have a darker childhood, for that story at this link, My Childhood Chronicle.
  • I do view the world from a different eye, maybe that’s why I love photography so much.